Who Are the YCT?

Autonomous Student Media: Gestures Towards the Ungovernable

Over the past months, we’ve gathered lots of data connecting various parties within the YCT and telling us more about their activities. So far, we have 4 articles published on this site about the YCT. As we approach one week after their now infamous pro-Kavanaugh demonstration on West Mall, we’re putting out this compilation of all of the information on all of the YCT members we currently know of.

Here’s all our previous articles on the YCT, which include a lot of background info and evidence for a lot of the claims here:

Racist Students in the YCT

Lillian Bonin

Rape Apologism

Here’s some group photos of the YCT which we will refer to later in the article:

YCT with Ben Shapiro. Fall 2016. Includes Caulkins, Trevino, Goolsby, Sharma, Berridge, Strassman, and Harris
YCT event Spring 2017. Picture includes Harris, Bonin, Calkins, Strassman, and Berridge
YCT Spring 2018 conference. Pic includes Dolcefino, Sharma, Calkins, bonin, Trevino, Vela, Morton, Davie, and Connally
YCT Spring 2018 Formal. Pic includes Trevino, Harris, Bonin, Calkins, Sharma, Martinez, Berridge, Dolcefino, Strassman, Lance Jones, Vela, Davie, and Morton
Saurabh Sharma

Chairman of the YCT
Twitter: @ssharmatx
Biochemistry Senior
Capitol Correspondent for Empower Texans
Leader of the YCT. Member for about two years. Is close with Lillian Bonin and other members. Was present on West Mall for the YCT’s pro-Kavanaugh demonstration. Also showed up alongside violent fascist Christopher Ritchie, who has assaulted protestors and was at the Charlottesville rally, to the Revolutionary Student Front’s “People’s Trial.” There, he was also spotted talking casually with Dean of Students representatives like Susan Buckenmeyer, as if they had an established friendly relationship.

Alejandra Cordova

Government Sophomore
Works at Chik-Fil-A on MLK Boulevard
Call Chik-Fil-A to get her fired: (512) 473-8651
Member of the YCT who was present at the pro-Kavanaugh demonstration.

Cayden Reese Connally

A financial officer for YCT
Is from Midland TX
Member of the YCT who was present on West Mall at the pro-Kavanaugh demonstration on West Mall.

Benjamin Andrew Goolsby

Events Chairman for the YCT
Advertising Junior
Is a member of the American Marketing Association, Baptist Student Ministry, & Orthodox Christian Fellowship
Member of the YCT. Has been a member for at least two years.

Samuel Samson

Government & LAH Sophomore
Interned for Ted Cruz
Member of YCT who was present on West Mall at the pro-Kavanaugh demonstration. He is also associated with Turning Point USA. Last spring, he harassed protestors at a Palestine Solidarity Committee rally alongside TPUSA recruiter Benjamin Larrabee. He recently was pictured tabling with Turning Point USA’s new UT chapter.

Lillian Analise Bonin

Vice Chairman of the YCT
Government Junior
Runner at Popp Hutcheson Property Tax Law Firm
Liberal Arts Representative in Student Government; Member of Legislative Policy Committee & Governmental Affairs Committee
Lillian Bonin is one of the first YCT members who came onto our radar. She was present at the YCT’s pro-Kavanaugh demonstration and has been a member for at least two years. She has multiple ties to white nationalism. Bonin is friends with Ciera Harris, who is listed in this article alongside her Neo-Nazi boyfriend Andy Kessler for spouting white nationalist rhetoric. She is a fan of Milo Yiannopoulos–the alt-right figure who has worn Neo-Nazi symbols like Iron Crosses and spouts transphobic, xenophobic, and white supremacist nonsense. She liked a post from Milo that praised anti-Muslim comments from a Polish politician–a politician who is heavily connected to the resurgence of the anti-semitic, white nationalist right in Poland. She has also liked a post from Matt Walsh which describes transgender people as “severely mentally ill” in defense of the ban on transgender people in the military. In January, Bonin shared an article celebrating the rejection of citizenship bids from those on welfare in Switzerland.
Lillian Bonin is furthermore a fan of alt-right figures such as Alex Jones, Infowars, & Lauren Southern. Not much needs to be said on Alex Jones & Infowars, who regularly peddle conspiracy theories to rile up their base. Infowars caters to a subtly white nationalist point of view, and has close ties to outright white supremacists. Lauren Southern is an alt-right figure who holds white nationalist views on immigration and seeks to “cure” Muslims of the “undesirable” parts of their religion. Most notably, Southern joined a boat of fascist Generation Identity members in Europe as they chartered a ship to attack rescue ships saving refugees in the Mediterranean, thereby actively taking part in white supremacist violence. Read more about Lauren Southern here.
Perhaps the most frightening connection between Lillian Bonin and the fascist right is that Bonin “likes” a page named “Triggering Memes for Regressive Teens II.” The page shares outright fascist, white nationalist, and alt-right content and talking points. They have shared videos from Flemish fascist group Schild & Vrienden, memes about the boogeyman of “multiculturalism,” and an anti-semitic meme about Mark Zuckerburg. This is only the tip of the iceberg for that page.
Call in to the firm to get her fired!

Maya Lia Vela

(left to right) Joshua, Saurabh, Lillian, Maya, and Alejandra

Journalism Junior
Member of the YCT who was present at the pro-Kavanaugh demonstration on West Mall. Attended YCT’s end of year formal last spring.

Anthony Nevin Dolcefino

Vice Chairman of the YCT (may share this position with Bonin)
Government major
Researcher at Dolcefino Consulting (works for daddy)
Anthony Dolcefino appeared on our radar over the summer. He was one of a handful of admins–all YCT members–who took over the UT Hot Takes facebook page. He added Andy Kessler, who espouses Neo-Nazi beliefs. He was also present at the pro-Kavanaugh demonstration on West Mall, and was one of the primary YCT livestreamers at that event.

Joshua Ross Lambert

Government senior
Member of Texas 4000 for Cancer, and is currently fundraising to try and go on a bike ride in Alaska over the summer. Member of the YCT who was at the West Mall pro-Kavanaugh demonstration. Most recognizable for yelling “Make America Great Again!” when he could no longer engage in the “dialogue” that he had asked for.
Encourage Texas 4000 to remove Joshua from their group!
Phone: (737) 300-2318
Email: info@texas4000.org

Ciera Harris

Advertising major
Director of Communications for the YCT. Has been a member for at least two years, and has attended major events such as the end of year formal last spring. Formerly employed at Harris Media, a company which has done propaganda for the fascist German party AfD & former workplace of Charlottesville-attending Neo-Nazi Ariel Gherman. Posts & likes white nationalist content, as well as conservative christian content. Her facebook likes include the fascist “wholesome memes of traditional morality” page. She accepts Kessler’s anti-semitic comments and posts, even on her own profile. Dates Andy Kessler (below). Believed to have collaborated with Kessler and others in putting up anti-communist stickers around campus, some of which were found last years with razors underneath. Known to frequent Qdoba with Stolz & Strassman (below)

Andy Kessler

It is unknown whether Kessler is a member of YCT. He was a part of the UT Hot Takes facebook group, where he regularly posted white nationalist comments. His posts include those equivocating queerness and pedophilia and others labeling diversity “white genocide.” He partakes in German fascist aesthetics, sometimes wearing an Iron Cross and German military outfit in his photos. He has a black eagle tattoo on his left arm and a red Templar cross tattoo on his right. He at one point posted a long video laying out his beliefs. We won’t do him the service of giving it a public platform–hit us up if you want to see it or use it (perhaps by sending it to his employer). Believed to have collaborated with Harris and others in putting up anti-communist stickers around campus, some of which were found last years with razors underneath.

John Stolz

Government major
John Stolz is a member of YCT and was, over the summer, an admin of the UT Hot Takes facebook page. He makes posts with white nationalist rhetoric about the threat of migrants or decrying “white guilt.” He simultaneously advocates censorship on “moral” grounds while defending the right of his fascist friends to free speech in the group. His facebook likes include white supremacist pages such as “American Nationalism,” “wholesome memes of traditional morality,” “Traditional Britain Group,” and “The Reality of South Africa.” Each of these pages trades in fascist dog-whistle politics, such as claims of “white genocide” in the settler-colony of South Africa or using nationalism as an entry point for fascist recruitment. In May, he showed up alongside other YCT members to disrupt the Revolutionary Student Front’s “People’s Trial,” where he and others were seen collaborating with violent fascist and Charlottesville attendee Christopher Ritchie.

Joseph Francis Berard Strassman

Aerospace Engineering Major
Last known job: Undergraduate Research Assistant with the Institute for Computational Engineering and Science.
Office location: WRW 415B
Joseph Strassman is a member of YCT and was, over the summer, an admin of the UT Hot Takes facebook page. He has been a YCT member for at least 2 years, and has attended events like their end of year formal. His posts make references to fascist dog-whistles, such as “white guilt,” “white genocide,” “globalism,” and claiming that minorities engage in “pity parties.” His likes also include fascist pages like “American Nationalism,” “RadTrad,” and “wholesome memes of traditional morality.” In May, he showed up alongside other YCT members to disrupt the Revolutionary Student Front’s “People’s Trial,” and was also seen collaborating with violent fascist Christopher Ritchie.

Lance Jones

Formerly referred to as The Patriot. Member of the YCT since at least last year, also a member of Turning Point USA on campus. Lance was the first to show up to RSF’s People’s Trial in May to counter-protest it. He was there initially with an American Flag and a sign that said “Better dead than red.” After a few minutes, violent neo-confederate and fascist Christopher Ritchie arrived at the event as well. He walked up to this Lance and greeted him, shaking hands and chatting. It’s likely they already knew each other.

Help us find out more about Lance!

Meghan Michelle Lovett

From Boerne, TX
Member of the YCT. Founder of the new Turning Point USA chapter on campus. TPUSA is a far-right organization which has enabled recruitment for far-right & fascist activities, with their events often drawing crowds that range from right-libertarians to Neo-Nazis under the banner of “free speech,” nationalism, and American exceptionalism. We previously wrote on the threat Turning Point poses, such as their targeted harassment of leftist professors, in our article exposing their field director Benjamin Larrabee–who has helped Meghan organize this chapter.

In a series of messages, she revealed that the YCT had pre-planned their protest and expected a massive reaction. In preparation, UTPD & Dean of Students were tipped off ahead of time–yet neither of those parties did anything to ensure to safety of those re-traumatized by what happened on West Mall. A phone call with someone in Susan Buckenmeyer’s office also revealed that in order for the YCT’s event to qualify as “authorized activity,” they had to have gone through a consultation process with the University to get it approved. This means the Student Activities office knew of this action beforehand and explicitly approved it, ignoring the danger it posed to survivors!


Leighton Berridge

Leighton is closely tied to the YCT and is friends with individuals like Sharma and Strassman. He is facebook friends with many of them. He has been a YCT member for at least 2 years and has attended events like YCT’s most recent end of year formal. He was also spotted among the YCT crew that showed up to RSF’s People’s Trial, alongside Strassman and Christopher Ritchie. He attended the Resurgent Gathering, a conservative gathering in Austin this past August, along with Saurabh and Lillian.


Homero Trevino

Member of the YCT. He has been a YCT member for at least 2 years. He showed up in May alongside Strassman, Stolz, and the violent fascist Christopher Ritchie in response to the RSF People’s Trial. Attended the YCT State Convention last spring as well as their end of year formal.

Gabriela Martinez

Camarero at Viola’s Ventanas
Senior Advertising Major
Member of the YCT. Has previously retweeted content from alt-right affiliated /pol/ twitters. Attended YCT’s end of year formal last spring.

Samuel Wade Calkins

Government/LAH Junior
Member of Alpha Pi Omega
Member of the YCT. He has been a YCT member for at least 2 years. Attended the YCT State Convention last spring as well as YCT’s end of year formal.

Morgan Rebecca Davie

Biology Senior
Dating Jacob Morton
Member of Sigma Phi Lambda
Member of the YCT.

Jacob Craig Morton

Government Senior
Research Associate at Texas Public Policy Foundation
Dating Morgan Davie
Member of the YCT. Was present at the YCT pro-Kavanaugh demonstration on October 2nd.

Zachary P Pisarski

Chemical Engineering Honors Senior
Member of the YCT. Facebook likes include Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, and lots of Christian shit.

Daniela Barrientos

Biochemistry Freshman
Member of the YCT.

Nico J Alcala

Communication & Leadership Freshman
Member of the YCT.

Nathanael P Ribar

Astronomy Freshman
From Long Beach, Mississippi.
@RogueOne819 on Twitter & Snapchat. Twitter follows include the UK far-right, racist party UKIP, alt-right “journalist” and conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec, and fascist-adjacent youtuber “Sargon of Akkad.”
Member of the YCT.

Tommy Manbeck

School of Business Freshman
Member of the YCT.

Mitchell Perez

Government Freshman
Member of the YCT.

Ariana E Silva

RTF Freshman
Member of the YCT.

Husain Dhoon

History Sophomore
Member of the YCT.

Tyler S Friedeck

Architectural Engineering Freshman
Member of the YCT.

Scarborough Adelle Schlenker
Schlenker on the right

Government Freshman
Member of the YCT.

Holden Baird

Undeclared Freshman
Member of the YCT.

Grant Marconi

Business Sophomore
Member of the YCT.

Adrian Garcia

Undeclared Freshman
Member of the YCT.

Jordan A Clements

Economics Freshman
Member of the YCT.

Tehya A Rassman

Journalism Junior
Member of the YCT.

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