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Austin Autonomedia is an independent media project with an affinity for anarchy. Operating in Central Texas, this project is an attempt to construct a platform for forms of research that provide some answers to the question of how to destroy that which destroys us–or how to get free. Taking inspiration from projects like Empire Logistics, which traces the flows & chokepoints of Capital, and the surge in antifascist research over the past few years, this project hopes to outline the tangible, material vulnerabilities of the sociopolitical order in Central Texas. This, we hope, will cultivate an awareness that these institutions–whether they be ICE contractors, prison infrastructure, or company supply chains–have physical infrastructure, addresses, and people behind them that can all be rendered inoperative. We hope the information displayed on this site can help inform more strategic direct action to impede exploitation and domination and open space for other forms of life.

Send inquiries or submissions to: austinautonomedia@autistici.org
We offer our platform for any publications, statement, or research that other organizations or crews want to put out–so long as it does not violate our principles. We also will work with you to ensure your anonymity and security in whatever information is shared with us.

This is an autonomous media project with tendencies towards the anarchic, communist, and criminal. We will not publish content that is blatantly oppressive, pro-State, pro-police, nor will we promote content that limits politics to the narrow scope of electoralism, reformism, and demand-making. We are interested particularly in content that provokes direct action, autonomy, and self-organized action.

We are a non-professional publication, so we accept pieces that are not polished, “civil,” or “respectable.” We can also offer some light editorial feedback/review.

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Mastodon: https://kolektiva.social/@ATX_Autonomedia
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Bevo1312

Austin Autonomedia is a spinoff from Autonomous Student Media, which itself was a sub-project of a UT-campus based crew called the Autonomous Student Network. Folks in ASN, which was active from 2016-2019, sought to build “anti-oppressive media that amplifies student voices left out by the corporate media outlets, bureaucratic regulations, University restrictions, and oppressive hierarchies.” The earlier iterations of this site sought to be far more expansive in the forms of content highlights–attempting to collect creative expression, news, and more. This eventually became unfeasible and unsuccessful for many reasons. The projects on the site which we found to be the most fulfilling and most impactful were our research initiatives–such as antifascist research done against campus conservative groups. This recognition led to the restructuring of this website to focus intentionally on research. That being said, we will take other forms of content–whether videos, news submissions, podcasts, art, or anything else that aligns with our principles. We simply do not seek that content out anymore.