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Autonomous Student Media is an independent and self organized project of the Autonomous Student Network. We are committed to anti-oppressive media that amplifies student voices left out by the corporate media outlets, bureaucratic regulations, University restrictions, and oppressive hierarchies. As a self-organized project within ASN, ASM makes most of its own decisions internally–meaning that if you want to only get involved in ASM (and not the rest of ASN’s projects) you are free to do so.

This website is a digital platform for publications, including news, comedy, advice columns, podcasts, videos, and more. All content is secure and private through the NoBlogs set up.

To get involved or contribute to this website, send inquiries or submissions to: austinautonomedia@autistici.org
We can provide anonymity for any piece you publish with us. We are an anti-oppressive, anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-State publication, so we will not publish content that support oppression, authority, capitalism, politicians, police, or the State. This site is made for content beyond the narrow scope of liberal politics, electoralism, and reformism. We accept all kinds of content, even if it isn’t explicitly anarchist so long as it doesn’t violate our principles, such as art, poetry, and stories that do not explicitly have anarchist or Leftist themes buy are not represented in other platforms.
We are a non-professional publication, so we accept pieces that are not polished, “civil,” or “respectable.” Rants, scribbles, and scattered thoughts are welcome! So even if you already write for another site, you can send us your “B-side” writings that would never get published on a more professional website.

For more information on the Autonomous Student Network and what else we do, contact us through…
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASNTX/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ASN_Austin
Email: utaustinasn@gmail.com
and check out our organization’s wordpress: sassatx.wordpress.com

Gestures Towards The Ungovernable