CenTex Fascists

A catalog of all local Nazis, white nationalists, & far-right figures exposed in the Central Texas area (Austin/San Marcos/San Antonio focused). This catalog will be progressively updated, expanded, and made more user-friendly over time. The catalog is grouped primarily by organizational/network affiliation. Contact us to let us know about updates to make to this list.

This list mainly highlights names/faces and details about their activities. See the Advanced Agitations version of this list for other details [HERE]. A list of all articles on our site related to local fascist activity can be found HERE. The information gathered below was compiled from a multitude of sources and intelligence used in antifascist struggles in the past few years.

Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Name: David Balabon

City: Austin

Organizations: Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Job: Marketing Director for Moentum

Notes: His father, Sam Balabon, is the head of Moentum



Name: Keaton Ty Weston

City: Austin

Organizations: Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Social Media: facebook.com/keaton.west.58

Job: Rosendin Electric, working on a UT expansion project

Notes: Electrician with IBEW Local 520



Name: Stratton C Gaines

Aliases: Greg E. Paulson

City: Austin

Organizations: Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Notes: Pulled a knife on anti-trump protestors in 2017. Former UT student. Believed to be still active recruiting new IE/AIM members in Austin.


Clayton (left) and his wife Jessice (right)

Name: Clayton Ray Leonard

City: Pflugerville/Austin

Organizations: Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Social Media: Twitter @chad_trad, facebook.com/clayton.r.leonard, myspace.com/hawtbiach

Job: Law student

Notes: His wife works as a stylist at Blo & Glo in Austin. In discord chats, Clayton mentioned his wife potentially trying to open a salon aligned with the white nationalist movement. More info here.


Name: Parker Dane Murphree

Aliases: Gerald Cunningham

City: Weatherford/College Station

Organizations: Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Notes: A&M student. Was part of wrestling team.



Alt-Right Milieu

Name: William Fears

City: Pasadena/Houston

Organizations: Kek Group, Patriot Front

Social Media: Gab @the_Antagonizer

Notes: Has traveled to Austin and other parts of Texas in the past for fascist activities. Attended Charlottesville and the May Day Nazi rampage in Austin. Drives a gray Jeep. Was arrested in Gainesville alongside Tyler Tenbrink and his brother Colton for shooting at protesters at a Richard Spencer speech. Has a history of violence against women. In October 2019, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for choking his girlfriend.


Name: Ken Reed

City: Cypress/Houston

Organizations: White Lives Matter, Aryan Renaissance Society

Job: Whistler Energy

Notes: Has traveled across the state for activities, and was one of the main organizers behind the failed White Lives Matter rally in Austin in 2016. Was part of the May Day Nazi rampage.


Name: Connor Perrin

City: Austin

Social Media: facebook.com/connor.perrin.12

Job: Video Game Developer through his studio, Iron Fist Games.

Notes: Was part of May Day 2017 Nazi rampage. Likes to dress up like Mel Gibson from Braveheart at rallies.


Name: Kristoffer Ian Celera

City: San Marcos

Social Media:  facebook.com/kristofferian.celera, second profile

Notes: Was active with alt-right Nazis such as Sydney Crabtree in 2017. Was known at the time as “The Gay Nazi,” and appeared at the May Day ’17 Nazi rampage and the March Against Sharia.


Name: Ariel Michelle German

Aliases: Ariel Sherman

City: Houston, formerly Austin

Notes: Attended Charlottesville. Affiliated with neo-nazi and alt-right networks in Texas. Drives a Green Subaru Outback. Lives with Paul Joseph Preston.


Name: Paul Joseph Preston

Aliases: Whit Wooderson, Woody White

City: Houston

Organizations: Houston Goylers (founder), Exodus Americanus.

Employers: Real Estate (ListingSpark). TX Real Estate License no. 703707.

Employer contact info: admin@listingspark.com, 512-827-2252, 210-405, 1109
Notes: Lives with Ariel Gherman. Was protested at his home. Participant in Unite the Right.


Name: Daniel Nelan Starr

City: Katy/Houston

Employers: Jovio Real Estate

Employer contact: 606 E 3rd St., Austin. 833-465-6846.

Notes: Friend and co-owner of Bayou City Properties, LLC, with Paul Preston.


Name: Robert Hester

City: San Marcos

Organizations: Trump Republic Radio

Notes: Associated with the San Marcos alt-right crowd in 2017 (including Celera and Crabtree). Hosted white nationalists on their podcast, Trump Republic radio.


Name: Enzo Quesada

City: San Marcos

Organizations: Trump Republic Radio

Notes: Associated with the San Marcos alt-right crowd in 2017 (including Celera and Crabtree). Hosted white nationalists on their podcast, Trump Republic radio.


Name: Sydney Mcglynn Crabtree

City: Austin/San Marcos

Social Media: facebook.com/syd.mctree

Notes: Alt-right crew.  Posted racist flyers at UT in April 2017, attended May Day ’17 Nazi rampage, and March Against Sharia. Frequents South Lamar Wheatsville and Sholz Beer Garden on San Jacinto. May drive a black Dodge Ram truck.


Name: Tom Ives

Aliases: Nicht

City: Houston

Social Media: facebook.com/tom.ives.77, Twitter @Lt_Nicht

Job: Security–Pinkerton or Katy Mills security

Notes: Affiliate of alt right/Neo Nazi milieu.


Name: Brendon West

Aliases: Vika Fenrika, Fenrika Foxtrot, Foxtrot DEVGRU

City: Fredericksburg

Organizations: Anticommunist Action (ANTICOM)

Job: Videographer for Libertus7. Also worked extensively with Austin-based video production studios Fairy Godmother Ninja and Phantom6Productions.

Notes: Affiliated with Patriot Front, alt right, and Neo-Nazis. Attempted to doxx volunteers and legal observers with the National Lawyers guild, and antifascists/leftists from various protests.



left to right: Tyler Tenbrink, Colton Fears, William Fears

Name: Tyler Eugene Tenbrink

City: Richmond/Houston

Organizations: White Lives Matter, III%ers

Notes: Affiliate of William and Colton Fears. Facing attempted murder charge in Gainesville from a Richard Spencer rally, where Tenbrink shot at protestors. Currently serving a 15 year sentence.



[see above for photo of Colton]

Name: Colton Gene Fears

City: Pasadena/Houston

Organizations: Kek Group

Social Media: @14TheFirerises, @colton45fears

Notes: Was sentenced to 5 years in prison for his role in the shooting mentioned above. According to the SPLC, he allegedly renounced his white supremacist background and agreed to testify against Tenbrink.


Name: Cody Wilson

City: Austin

Organizations: Hatreon (alt-right crowdfunding site)

Social Media: @Radomysisky

Job: CEO of Defense Distributed

Notes: Designs & distros 3D-printed guns



Name: Andrew Torba

City: Austin

Organizations: Gab

Social Media: facebook.com/andrew.torba

Job: CEO of Gab


Patriot Front

Patriot Front is a Neo-Nazi group, which splintered off from Vanguard America in 2017 after the Charlottesville rally, where a Vanguard America member killed Heather Heyer and injured 20 other antifascists with their car. They are one of the largest remaining, active Nazi groups in the US, and many of their members are based in Texas (Thomas Rousseau, the leader of PF, is based in Dallas).

For a deeper dive into Patriot Front chat logs, strategy, & an analysis of their structure, check out the Torch Network reports on them.

You can find a comprehensive list of Patriot Front members here. For the purposes of this page, we will only list the Texas-area members, particularly those we know to show up in Austin or live in the area.

The location of the Patriot Front Headquarters was recently revealed to be in Grapevine, Texas.


patriot front headquarters thomas rousseau

Patriot Front business headquarters is located in a residential section of Grapevine, Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth suburb) in a property owned by Thomas Rousseau’s father, Chris Rousseau.




Name: Thomas Rousseau

City: DFW area (Grapevine)

Organizations: Founder & Leader of Patriot Front

Notes (from Texas Against Fascism, source below):

Upset with optics and scared about public opinion in the fallout after Unite the Right, Thomas Rousseau created Patriot Front by splintering from Vanguard America, a now defunct neo-Nazi organization. He runs the entire white supremacist organization from his father’s house in Grapevine, Texas. He is a vile racist and antisemite. His organization has advocated for violent ethnic cleansing in a fantasy “pan-European” (aka white race) world, along with roaming rape gangs. Members of his organization has also networked with neo-Nazi groups abroad, including the international violent terrorist organization Atomwaffen Division. He went to Coppell High School in Texas which is where he got his start in propaganda as a writer and cartoonist for the school paper. He is also an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America. He is trying to brand himself as a Cowboy Nazi and it’s not a good look. The FBI has been monitoring the petite leader of Patriot Front since he was in high school.



Name: Kieran Patrick Morris

Aliases: Patrick

City: Grapevine, TX (PF HQ)

Social Media: https://twitter.com/ForwardPatriots, Iron March account at ManyEnemiesBringsMuchHonor

Organizations: Patriot Front, ties to Atomwaffen

Notes: Formerly Patriot Front Network Director for New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. He was exposed by NYC Antifa while living in Poughkeepsie, NY, and ended up going into hiding at the PF Headquarters in Grapevine, TX. Since moving to Texas, Morris has updated his vehicle plates to NNR 4884 (Texas) and added a tonneau-type soft bed cover to his dark blue 2007 Toyota Tacoma.

From Texas Against Fascism: “Before Kieran got involved in Patriot Front, he joined the notorious online Nazi forum Iron March and repeatedly messaged Brandon Russell, the founder of the deadly Nazi group, Atomwaffen Division (AWD), about joining a New York-based cell of the Nazi terror organization. AWD members have murdered at least 5 people in the United States and in March 2020, five AWD members were arrested for threatening journalists, the ADL, and people of color. Kieran and Russell were communicating on encrypted messaging services days before Russell was arrested on explosives charges in Florida. In November 2019, Kieran traveled internationally with other Patriot Front members to network with European Nazi groups officially endorsed by Iron March, like Casa Pound in Italy and the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) in Sweden. NRM is responsible for numerous racist and murderous attacks. Members were found guilty of bombing refugee centers in Gothenburg, Sweden.”


Name: Graham Jones Whitston

City: Grapevine, TX (PF HQ)

Organizations: Patriot Front


Thomas Rousseau (left) and Philip Lovett (center) at Unite the Right in 2017. Murderer James Alex Fields at right.

Name: Phillip Wayne Lovett

City: Dickinson, TX

Organizations: Patriot Front, State Directing Officer for Texas

Aliases: SDO-Phil

Notes: Like the original leadership he was active within Vanguard America and participated in Unite The Right. Here he is posing next to Rousseau and the murderer, James Alex Fields. Like most Nazis, Phil believes that Fields “did nothing wrong” in running down a crowd of antifascists with his car.


Name: Alexander Wheeler

Aliases: Sonder Schutz, Alexander TX

City: North Richland Hills, TX

Organization: Patriot ront, Network Directing Officer.

Notes: Was, at least until recently, in charge of the Dallas-Fort Worth area network for Patriot Front. His online name is Alexander TX.


Name: Joseph Nicholas Brown

Aliases: Braxton Bragg

City: Spring, TX

Organization: Patriot Front, Network Directing Officer in Houston


Name: Chris Johnson

Aliases: FashyGoy1488

City: Fort Worth, TX

Organizations: Patriot Front, Aryan Renaissance Society, White Lives Matter, Traditionalist Workers Party

Social Media: https://steamid.uk/profile/76561198120700864 (Steam), https://www.reddit.com/user/FashyGoy1488,

Notes: Armed. Attended Charlottesville. Uses video game & virtual spaces, like Steam & Roblox, to try and radicalize children.



Name: Joffre James Cross III

City: Houston, TX

Organizations: Patriot Front, The Right Stuff, Aryan Renaissance Society

Notes: Cross is a former private in the Army’s U.S. 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Cross has connections with affiliates of The Right Stuff, a white nationalist podcast network. On multiple occasions, Cross shared posts and episode links of The Right Stuff podcast “Fash the Nation.” Antisemitic slurs and photos of Nazi paraphernalia dotted posts on Cross’ account on the Russian social media site VK. He also has ties to the Aryan Renaissance Socity, a white supremacist group with connections to racist skinheads. Cross was present at a speech by alt-right frontman Richard Spencer at Texas A&M in December 2016, providing security along with other white supremacists. He is an associate of white supremacist and Patriot Front member William Henry Fears IV, and has posted online about connections to multiple extremist groups.


Name: Hayden Gray Turner

Aliases: Halfdan the Gray

City: Weatherford, TX

Organization: Patriot Front

Notes: Originally from Florida, Hayden Gray Turner‘s most recent address brought him to Weatherford, Texas. Turner is a member of Patriot Front and openly admits to being a Nazi. Hayden Turner was working as a security/asset protection associate at Walmart in Florida but he has recently relocated to Weatherford, Texas with his girlfriend Kendra Denton.



Name: Paul Cornelius Gray

Aliases: Austin Paul, Saxon Tex

City: Austin (may have moved to Denver)

Organizations: Patriot Front

Employer: Point2Point Moving

Social Media: facebook.com/graypc50

Notes: Brother of Rebecca Gray, former founder & owner of the Blue Cat Cafe. Rallied his Nazi friends to attack protesters picketing the cafe in protest of gentrification. Fan of the Nazi bodybuilding club Liftwaffe. Organized a Patriot Front rally at the Texas Capitol.



Name: Connor Graham

City: Austin

Social Media: facebook.com/cgrahamx

Job: Payroll Services at UT Austin

Notes: Partner & roommate of Dustin Hamby. Read more



Name: Dustin Ray Hamby

Aliases: Chef Goyardee, Cheff/Cheffery/Jeff/Jeffery Cook, Fillippo Tomasso Marinetti, Dee Fouser, Philippo Merriment

City: Austin

Organizations: Patriot Front

Social Media: Twitter @thechefgoyardee

Job: Cook (currently not known to be employed)

Notes: Network Directing Officer for Patriot Front. Attended White Lives Matter rally. Was instrumental in coordinating local Vanguard America/Patriot Front travel to Charlottesville. Was fired from previous jobs for sexual harassment of co-workers.



Name: Mark Andrew Peterson

Aliases: Andy Hoffermon, Andy Hoff

City: Pearland/Houston

Organizations: Patriot Front adjacent

Notes: Friends with Paul Gray. Attacked people picketing Blue Cat Cafe. Attended Richard Spencer speech at Texas A&M University in 2016.


Name: Erik Mitchell Sailors

Aliases: Eric Reese, Alexander Reese, Eric Sellers

City: San Marcos/San Antonio

Organizations: Patriot Front

Notes: Was Network Directing Officer for PF in 2018, overseeing Austin & San Antonio area. Attended Charlottesville



UT Campus Fash (YCT, TPUSA, circa 2019)

Sources for the following: [1] [2] [3] 

Name: Benjamin Ryan Larrabee

Aliases: ben nitrox

City: Austin

Organizations: Turning Point USA

Social Media: Twitter @Ben_Larrabee 

Job: South-Central Texas Regional Director for TPUSA

Notes: Helped start and direct the UT Austin chapter of Turning Point, which in its first semester brought white nationalist speaker Katie Hopkins to campus.


Name: Varun Hukeri

City: Katy (formerly Austin)

Social Media: Twitter @varunhukeri

Notes: Third positionist, Hindu nationalist. Attended Katie Hopkins speech.


Name: Anthony Nevin Dolcefino

City: Houston (formerly Austin)

Organizations: Former of the YCT/TPUSA at UT

Social Media: Twitter @adolcefino, @adolcefino1

Job: Aspiring politician, researcher at Dolcefino consulting

Notes: His dad, Wayne Dolcefino, is a big time PI/investigative journalist figure in Houston. Was part of the alt-right network within YCT, and helped manage a UT meme group that was taken over by this network in 2018


Name: Joseph Francis Berard Strassman

City: Austin

Organizations: YCT

Job: Formerly an Undergrad Research Assistant with the Institute for Computational Engineering and Science at UT

Notes: Was part of the alt-right milieu within the YCT. Helped the fascist takeover of a UT meme page in 2018.


Name: Ciera Bell Harris

City: Spicewood/Austin

Organizations: YCT

Notes: Dating Neo-Nazi Andy Kessler. Was part of the alt-right network within the YCT.


John Stolz’s Facebook profile

Name: John Francis Stolz

City: Austin/Houston

Organizations: YCT

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/john.stolz.77

Job: Former Campaign Manager for Anthony Dolcefino

Notes: Was part of the alt-right network within YCT.


Name: Lillian Analise Bonin

City: Austin

Organizations: YCT

Social Media: Twitter @lilybonin, https://www.facebook.com/lily.bonin.9

Job: The Law Offices of Tony McDonald

Notes: Lillian Bonin was connected to the alt-right network within YCT, and was previously exposed for following alt-right and white supremacist pages.


Name: Meghan Michelle Lovett

City: Austin

Organizations: Turning Point USA

Notes: Started the TPUSA chapter at UT, which in its first semester brought white nationalist Katie Hopkins to campus.



Name: Samuel David Samson

City: Austin

Organizations: YCT/TPUSA


Name: Lance Jones

City: Austin

Organizations: YCT/TPUSA


Name: Saurabh Sharma

City: Austin

Organizations: YCT

Job: Capitol correspondent with Empower Texans


Name: Andy Kessler

Notes: Affiliated with YCT members. Dating Ciera Harris. Posts white supremacist propaganda and dresses in German military uniforms.



Name: Alex Jones

City: Austin

Organization: Infowars

Notes: Is rarely present at stuff in Austin. Showed up to Trump appearances in Austin in a military-style armored vehicle.


Name: Owen Shroyer

City: Austin

Organization: Infowars

Notes: The more present face of Infowars on the ground in Austin.


Name: Ethan Alexander Berman

City: Las Vegas, formerly Austin

Organizations: Infowars adjacent

Social Media: Twitter @EthanBerman

Job: Law student at UNLV

Notes: Affiliate of Infowars. Runs his own media project called Bermansplaining. Student reporter for The College Fix. Secretly recorded a professor for Infowars and went on the show to talk about “campus Marxism.” More info here.


Name: Emily Shrode

City: Austin

Organizations: Infowars adjacent

Social Media: Twitter @SpeedofShrode

Notes: Works in film. Dating Ethan Berman.


Name: Thomas Graham Bartram

City: Sugarland/Houston

Organizations: Infowars, InfoArmy

Social Media: Twitter @texas_T

Notes: Showed up with weapons in El Paso after the white supremacist mass shooting there, and was detained then released after being spotted with his weapons outside of a local migrant solidarity & community center. His dad, Mark Albert Bartram, is an Executive Partner at Gartner Executive Programs, and owns the car that Thomas drives



Proud Boys

Name: Trevor Cole Dreyer

City: Austin

Organizations: Proud Boys

Job: IT at Oracle

Notes: Made threatening messages and described himself as a Proud Boy. See more here.



Dustin Casler (front left, with the shaved head) with fellow Proud Boys and right-wing organizer Joe Biggs (front right)

Name: Dustin Casler

City: Austin

Organizations: Proud Boys

Job: AT&T Conference Center Hotel near UT Austin.


Name: Christopher John Grisham

City: Austin

Organizations: Proud Boys, Nomads SAR, Founder of Texas Open Carry

Notes: Reported to be studying law at The Appalachian School of Law. Source


Boogaloo Boys

Name: Trent Andrew Ortner

Aliases: Banshee Actual

City: Hewitt, TX

Organizations: Hibiscus Society

Notes: Part of a heavily armed and hyper-conspiratorial group that split from another Boogaloo group, USBC. Attended a QAnon adjacent “Justice for Sophie” rally in Allen, TX. Ortner is a marine vet. He also has a prior conviction for arson.

More info here


Name: John Decicco Jr.

Aliases: Jay Decicco, Jay Rich,

Notes: Was at the Boogaloo “Justice for Sophie” rally in Allen, TX, which he attended armed. Subscribes to anti-semitic conspiracy theories like “Zionist Occupation Government” and Pizzagate. Uses Nazi dogwhistles like “88” (“Heil Hitler”) and posts right wang “Racial Holy War” type propaganda. Attended the Boogaloo memorial for Garrett Foster in Austin in August, where he networked with other figures in the movement.

More info here.


Hunter is in the front right, with the bald head

Name: Kristofer Hunter

Aliases: Obi Boog Kenobi

Organizations: United States Boogalier Corp

Notes: Ex-Army combat engineer and anti-masker. One of the founders of USBC, which organized the QAnon adjacent “Justice for Sophie” rally in Allen, TX. Showed up to Austin with other Boogaloos for a memorial for Garrett Foster. Affiliates with Proud Boys. Plays in a punk band called “After The Fact.”

Approaches activities like BLM marches with an entryist and counterinsurgency inspired framework–attempting to build ties with communtiy leader in order to get people who will fight for them. Polices protests.

More info here.


Nomads SAR

Note–it is unknown if Nomads SAR are still active as an organized force. The individuals listed below may still show up, but it is unclear to what degree they are still part of any organized entities.

Name: Christopher Michael Ritchie.

City: Austin

Organizations: Nomads SAR

Social Media: facebook.com/critchie.ritchie, Twitter @critchie450

Job: Arbor Car Wash on Jollyville Road

Notes: Attended the Charlottesville Nazi rally, and has flown out to Patriot Prayer rallies in Portland where he has been filmed attacking antifascists. Has assaulted and stalked local students and antifascists at events, and has previously made weak attempts to disrupt leftist events.


Name: Collin Whites

City: Austin

Organizations: Nomads SAR

Social Media: facebook.com/collin.whites.9

Notes: Arrested for assault on a counter-protestor at 2018 March 4 Trump. Joins Chris Ritchie in stalking and trying to intimidate progressive/leftist events or protests.


Jeremy Brooks pictured in the center

Name: Jeremy Bryce Brooks

City: Giddings, TX

Organizations: President of Texas Nomads SAR

Employer: Richard’s Lease Service

Notes: May have left Nomads/fascist activism.


Name: John Robert Colgin

City: Round Rock

Organizations: Nomads SAR

Employer: Richard’s Lease Service

Notes: Arrested for assaulting someone at a Texas Independence Day rally in Austin.


Atomwaffen Division

Name: Steven Billinglsey

City: San Antonio

Organizations: Atomwaffen Division

Notes: Appeared at a vigil in San Antonio for victims of the Pulse shooting in June 2016, where he publicly IDed himself as an AWD member. Posted videos with weapons and declaring intentions of mass violence.



Name: Benjamin Bogard

City: New Braunfels

Organizations: Atomwaffen Division

Notes: Arrested by the FBI for possession of child porn.



Name: Luis Enrique Melendrez Jr.

Aliases: verynoicem8 (Kik), verynocem8 (snapchat)

City: San Antonio

Job: Associate at Walmart Supercenter, 8538 I35 South in San Antonio.

Notes: Was a member of the Attomwaffen-connected white supremacist forum Iron March. Lives in West San Antonio with his parents. Self described nationalist socialist.



Name: Ethan Landrum-Denby

City: Austin

Job: Hemlock and Heather (run by his father). hemlockandheather.com, 888-922-4119

Social media: red.area on instagram

Notes: Member of the crypto-fascist music project “Blackwatch,” as well as the white power Oi! bands “Ultras” and “The Wilderness.” Atomwaffen sympathizer–makes reference on instagram to the Nazi terror manifesto Siege.


Present at the January 6th Capitol Raid

Name: Jeffrey Shane Witcher (above, right)

City: Bastrop

Traveled to D.C. with Barnard (below) and one other friend for the January 6th rally that turned into a frenzied, nationalist, and ultimately embarrassing raid on the U.S. capitol building. Witcher told the FBI he had deleted photos and videos from his phone while at the airport, which were recovered and used in Witcher and Barnard’s indictment.

Name: Richard Franklin Barnard (above, left, masked)

City: Georgetown

Barnard also deleted photos and videos from his phone and the FBI were unable to recover them.




Name: Austin Beaty

City: Austin

Notes: Was active briefly at the beginning of 2017, largely antagonizing anti-Trump and antifascist protestors.


Name: Preston Wiginton

City: Bryan/College Station; Russia

Notes: A&M Alumnus. Brought Richard Spencer to speak at A&M in 2016. Closely connected to KKK leader David Duke and white power networks in Russia, according to a 2008 SPLC report.


Name: Connor Halsell

Aliases: Connor Bjorkson

City: San Antonio (formerly Austin)

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/conchobar.bjorkson.7, https://www.facebook.com/connor.bjorkson.5, https://myspace.com/ismetalsharkplayer/mixes

Notes: Fascist in the metal scene.



Kristian Torres pictured in the center holding his gun

Name: Kristian Noe Torres

Notes: Was present at the May Day Nazi rampage, where he was seen pointing his gun at antifascist protestors.



Name: Grant C. Whittenberger

City: Austin

Organizations: III%ers, Open Carry Texas

Job: Realtor at Outlaw Realty (512-600-6677)

Note: LARPs in military attire, sometimes carries at protests. In July 2019, was caught impersonating a National Lawyer’s Guild legal observer and getting into confrontation with antifascist protesters who questioned them.



Jen Loh with Senator Ted Cruz

Name: Jennilyn Kae Lohmer

Aliases: Jen Loh

City: San Antonio/Austin

Job: Direct(ed) Organized Home Innovations LLC in San Antonio

Organizations: Latinos for Trump, Texans United for America, Nomad SAR

Notes: Has brought neo-nazis ans fascists like Augustus Sol Invictus, Enrique Tarrio, and Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman to Austin and other locations in Texas.



Ben Planchon (right)

Name: Benjamin Planchon

Aliases: Benjamin Knight

City: Seabrook/Houston

Organizations: Texas Patriot Network

Social Media: Facebook

Notes: Provocateur looking to pick fights at rallies, often armed with a club or gun. Was caught on audio recordings at an islamophobic protest in Houston stalking and trying to attack counter-protestors and Muslims. Has organized rallies in Austin and other places across Texas previously. More info here.