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Autonomous Student Media: Gestures Towards the Ungovernable

To help make our publications more accessible, we are archiving previous publications of The Call, the zine published by the Autonomous Student Media collective. Originally published on May Day 2017, The Call has been a perennial feature of our organizing efforts. You can often find editions in stock at Monkeywrench Books, an anarchist bookstore & social space on North Loop (if you like their project, consider volunteering). 

The name of The Call takes its inspirations from a text anonymously published by the precursors of what would later become The Invisible Committee. The call they refer to is one that demonstrates what is obvious about our failing reality and, in doing so, aims to establish the foundation of an autonomous force within what they call “Global Civil War”–the centuries long expansion of control and domination & the fight against it. Many of the media collective members are not read up on this theoretical background–and at one point suspended the name temporarily to try and find one they felt was more suitable & understandable. Nevertheless, the name remains and continues to form part of our efforts to build infrastructure for autonomous organizing and expression, to tell our own stories with our own principles instead of relying on corporate media.

If you want to contribute, you can always send submissions for our upcoming zines to austinautonomedia [@] autistici [dot] org! And if you want to get involved with the collective itself, keep an eye out for our next meeting or contact us online.

But enough with the background info. Here are the zines:

The Call Issue 1–May Day 2017: PDF

The zine formerly known as “The Call” Issue 2–Disorientation (Fall 2017): Read PDF ll Print PDF

The Call Issue 3–Valentine’s Day mini-zine (2018): Read PDF ll Print PDF

The Call Issue 4–May Day 2018: Read PDF ll Print PDF


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