SATX 161 Alerta! Anti-ICE Alerts & Organizing in San Antonio

Submission from Mapache, a member of the Contra Todo Collective in San Antonio

This racist country has a long history of being unkind to immigrants. Even under the liberal administration of Obama, American nationalism over its illegitimate border resulted in the most deportations under any administration.

Now, one of the scariest aspects of the rising fascist movement being spearheaded by ICE for the last few years, which has been intensifying in the last few weeks, isn’t even the mothers being dragged away from the job they use to pay the bills, or the migrating children and parents seeking asylum being torn apart, or the proposed tent cities to be erected in so-called-texas desert. No, rather one of the scariest aspects about these actions is that, by a large amount of the population, these actions are met either with applause by racist and fascist republicans or not much more from democrats than anger that only results in voting democrat in the next election. Things look bleak if you are an immigrant being detained. That is, if they catch you.

One small step that can be used to avoid this fate for a lot of immigrants and to make sure those who are available to cop watch are updated on locations on ICE is setting up a text alert system to keep people who are signed up notified of the fascists’ presence in their neighborhoods. This is what comrades from San Antonio’s Contra Todo Collective and Autonomous Brown Berets de TejAztlan have created. Next time there is a raid, or another truck is found carrying undocumented folks, or even if there is a sighting of ICE presence in your neighborhood, a text alert will be sent to those who are signed up. This can be used to make sure any undocumented people who are in the area can clear out in order to avoid being stopped and questioned. If there are people working in a facility with other undocumented folks, and an alert is sent about ICE presence in their neighborhood, this can help warn them of an oncoming raid and help many avoid detention. Those who are capable will be able to show up and cop watch, making sure the people inside a house or facility know their rights and are not abused any further.

If you are interested in setting one of these systems up in your town go to and create one. Keep everyone updated. Hopefully save a family member from being torn away. Of course there is a lot more work to be done and more action to be taken, but creating a system to notify some of your most vulnerable neighbors of fascist activity and creating a wall of silence are simple ideas that can help you and your comrades get the ball rolling.

against ICE and their border.
contra la migra y su frontera.

 Also check out this handy guide to San Antonio area ICE agents put out by Revolutionary Horizon

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