Zine–The End Of Your Life: On Anarchy and Why You Should Do It

Submission from the Autonomous Student Network–College Station. Originally published on the College Station Autonomous Collective wordpress.

Below, we’ve published a zine submission from a crew using the name ASN College Station. They are not formally affiliated with ASN Austin, but we are happy to see others take up the name to use for their publications, crews, and actions. We expect to see a lot more cool stuff coming out of College Station soon. If you’re in College Station, you should also check out the newly emerging College Station Autonomous Collective. Take a peek at their wordpress and their twitter, and keep an eye out for a meeting near you! Until then, enjoy this piece!

Description from CStat Autonomous Collective:

“The End of Your Life: On anarchy and why you should do it is a brief manifesto, a primer on the basic ins and outs of anarchism and its ideals, and a way of finally finding distance between yourself and the old world. If you’re new to dissent and have questions, this may be the right text for you; if you’ve been burning things and keeping on your toes for a while, you might also appreciate a fresh perspective or something to keep you busy for a while.

Excerpt from the zine:

“Anarchy is resistance and opposition to capitalism and the state, the two greatest killers in history, and it is also chaos, freedom, friendship, fluctuation and nature and art. Once you realize there’s another world, gestating, lurking just beneath the world of habitat destruction, pollution, police states, hatred and smog and drones and bastards richer than countries, you start to hunger for it. The hardest part is taking the plunge. Once you kill the citizen in your head and break from the old world, you’ll wonder why your new life hadn’t begun ages ago.”

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