New Year, New Us (The Origins of the Autonomous Student Network)

ASN’s original banner, created shortly after their reorganization and renaming

Originally published by the Autonomous Student Network in 2017, announcing their reorganization as a group under the name ASN. 

The past 6 months have been good for us. Since September, we have worked on the construction of an anti-statist, anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist student force. Using the shell of the S4SS, we cut off any lasting ties with the capitalist and pseudo-capitalist forces claiming to be “anarchists” that had dominated the UT S4SS, in both image and content, for the past few years. Building from the ground up, we worked with a group ranging from 3-7 dedicated members to perform outreach and find a place within the revolutionary circuits of Austin and UT. We made ourselves present, if unannounced, in most blocs and demos throughout the fall. Those who have encountered us in the midst of these events know who we are. We found that, even with our limited resources, we could serve an invaluable role in providing critical analysis, logistical information, and other tools to enable others in their activities.

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