Originally published by the Autonomous Student Network at UT. This report-back from the Inauguration Day protests is offered on our site as a critical snapshot of a moment in autonomous activity in Austin. This report-back marks an attempt to forge an anarchistic pole in a moment rife with conflicts between groups over tactics, ideology, and police collaboration. This is also offered without an endorsement of the Maoist groups mentioned, but as a snapshot of a moment of tenuous (and temporary) unity between certain anarchists and Maoists in Austin. 

On January 20th, students, workers, and radicals of all stripes—mainly Maoists and anarchists—took to the streets to inaugurate Trump’s regime with renewed militancy. For some, the day began early with a strike by fast food workers and members of Austin Socialist Collective and Fight for 15. Slightly later in the day came some of the most visible protests. A student walkout had been planned for 12:15, scheduled to meet in front of the UT Tower. While some student organizations were setting up for the event, members of the Revolutionary Student Front and Autonomous Student Network rallied in West Campus a few blocks away from the university and took to the streets with a group of about 20 radical students. With multiple megaphones, banners, and flags displaying anarchist, maoist, and anti-capitalist slogans, they grabbed the attention of students and set the tone for the day’s events as they marched down Guadalupe blocking traffic, and with NO police presence around to respond and parade them down the street.


general strike against fascism on January 20th, 2017

Originally published by the precursors to the Autonomous Student Network at UT.

The flagrant continuation of the the white supremacist, imperialist state via the inauguration of DJ Trump must be resisted with our every ounce. Starting day one of Trump’s presidency we need to demonstrate the power of all oppressed people through the wide scale rejection of work and class coupled with a wide scale mobilization on the streets and in our workplaces and universities. A mass refusal of participation in the current order will send a strong message to the forces of racism, fascism and oppression that it will not be collaborated with, it will not be tolerated, and it will not be accepted. Additionally, our resistance shall create a space in which we can come together, form bonds and share our thirst for freedom from oppression.

Students, call on your professors to join the strike and for them to not hold class on #J20. A refusal to agree should be seen as collaboration with the same fascists that threaten all people of color and the working class. Professors and students who do not participate should be called out for the acceptance and tacit approval of these threats and should be outed as such.

walk out or call in sick.

lets shut it down.