Announcing Residue Studios

Republished from Residue Studios

Residue Studios is a newly formed QTPOC centered collective of adult entertainers in Austin TX who have a rare opportunity to create a resource we are desperately in need of: our own collaborative community space!

Working in the adult entertainment industry as queer and trans people of color presents many unique obstacles as we navigate the inherent fetishization that comes with advertising and the increased threat to our safety both from clients and from the state. Having our own space to create, organize, and educate out of would give us the chance to set up an autonomous support system for ourselves and each other, allowing us to provide a thriving environment in which our professional enrichment can become more than a distant possibility. We are thrilled and deeply motivated to make this dream a reality, but we need support from our community for our goals to be sustainable.

From Residue’s GoFundMe:

Your donation will help with our starter costs which will include: renovations  and creative, safety, and sanitation supplies. We want to raise this amount by May 26th, so we can open our doors to the community by this summer. 

Your support will help out one of the most marginalized communities in the United States, and promote our professional, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. A little bit goes a long way! We would be eternally grateful to all of those that will help us grow into a much-necessary resource, let it be small or big, your donation will help us bloom!
IG & Twitter @residuestudios

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