Needs & Support

Two basic options: Paypal or Amazon Wishlist. Donations by Paypal will be used by members of the Camp to buy supplies at local stores

Amazon Web Based Option =
Pay Pal Local Shopping Option:

To do physical supply runs, text/call 210-238-2818.

Supplies Needed as of 12/26/18:

 Camping/Outdoor Living Gear

Wool Blankets

Sleeping cots

Sleeping Bags


Fire extinguishers





Propane tanks, empty or full

Surge protected power strips

Five gallon buckets


Kitchen Items – We are in need of heavier duty gear that is clean and in good repair.



Mixing bowls 20 qt
Mixing bowl 5qt

Stock pot

5 qt pans 2ea
8 qt sauce pan 2ea
Frying pans 12”

Frying pan 10”




Cutting boards

Knife sets

Pot holders

Can opener

Serving spoons

Storage containers

Reusable bowls, coffee mugs, silverware

Coffee pot – large for top of stove use

And of course, always a need is…coffee


Basic Consumable Supplies – The following is a list of supplies we purchase locally as needed. All donations are appreciated.


Dish soap

Dish scrubbers, clothes towels

Sanitizer pump bottles

Sanitizer in Bulk

Sanitizer wipes

Feminine sanitary products

Toilet paper

Zip ties

Dishwashing scrubbers

Clothes washing detergent


Bleach & spray bottle

Cleaning cloths

Contractor Bags

Batteries…A, AA, AAA & D

Toilet paper


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