Conspiracies Against COVID-19

The current crisis surrounding COVID-19 has unleashed a flurry of dispersed, self-organized activity, from mutual aid efforts to demands and nascent initiatives to build the power to meet these demands. Many of these demands have consolidated/coalesced around the 5 demands outlined in the graphic below. Here, we’ll try to collect a guide to all the ongoing activity surrounding these demands and some mutual aid initiatives that people can plug in with locally. We encourage folks to start plotting their own conspiracies if they see something lacking–whether mass sickouts, rent strikes, housing takeovers, and more. The situation is constantly changing, so please contact us on social media or at if there’s something we should add. 



1. Free Healthcare

2. No Work

3. No Paying–No Debt

#RentStrike 2020

  • On May Day, Rent Strike ATX hosted a car demonstration on I-35. Around 15 people were arrested. Donate to their legal fund. As of May 2nd, all demonstrators have been released from jail

  • A Rent Strike and Justice for Mike Ramos banner drop on April 27th

4. Free The Prisoners

Austin Anarchist Black Cross

  • Zine for distribution to prisoners and their loved ones with information on the pandemic and ways people can advocate for themselves on the inside.
    • “Additionally, two older Texas inmates are suing the state’s prison system for its handling of the new coronavirus pandemic. The lawsuit, filed on Monday, 3/30/2020, argues that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is failing to protect prisoners at the Pack Unit, a geriatric prison near College Station, from the potentially fatal virus.”
    • Help Austin ABC pay for postage to send these zines to prisoners

Stop the Sweeps Austin

5. Homes For All


Mutual Aid Initiatives

Criminal Conspiracies

    • Graffiti spotted around town during the crisis

  • “Eat The Rich” spray painted on the Texas Theta sorority house. Theta had been the target of criticism for an irresponsible Cabo trip which spread many new cases of COVID-19. 
  • The above two pieces spotted near South Lamar

  • Above tags spotted in South Austin off William Cannon.
  • graffiti spotted around May Day near South Lamar